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Hi all you excited people who want to be part of our historic first GoodLife order…
I’ve volunteered to get this underway, so here we go.
A reminder that to place a Demeter order through the GoodLife Co-op you have to be a paid up member ($25). Once our bank account is set up you can do an Internet transfer into our GoodLife bank account, or visit the Branch and deposit over the counter.
In either case, don’t forget to add your name to the deposit information so we know who the deposit is from.
We should have our Orana Credit Union account operating early next week, and I’ll email you the account details needed to make a deposit.

Please find attached the current Demeter price list, Product Information, and the Demeter Order Form. If you wish to place an order, please save the order form to your computer, fill it out with your requirements, then attach it to an email and send it back to me by the 10th November.

To work out the cost of your order use the attached Demeter Price List to arrive at a total of your order, then add 10% to that total (the tithe for our Co-op), and then add your freight charges (the total weight of your order in kg x 20c) . I’ve arranged a discounted delivery charge schedule from Town and Country Couriers for us – the individual orders will be combined and delivered as one order to us at the Co-op premises – 26 Timor St. Then we will split them back into the individual orders, to be collected on a set day.
Your Total Cost = (Demeter Price List + 10%) + delivery (20c x the weight of your order in kilos).
After the 10th November, each person who has placed an order will receive an email confirming the cost of their order.
At that point you will need to deposit the final amount of your order into the GoodLife bank account (add your name to the deposit information).
Please remember your order will not be included unless your payment is in the bank by the time the order is to be sent to Demeter (cut off time will be announced in your confirmation email).
This is our first trial run and hopefully it will go smoothly.
For those who have ordered, after our order has been placed with Demeter, I’ll email the date and time to pick up your order from the GoodLife Co-op at 26 Timor St. Probably a Saturday or Sunday.
Always open to suggestions about any of these procedures, if you think there’s a better way of doing things in the future.
Peter R.

for GoodLife.


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GoodLife Coonabarabran – ABN: 72 418 425 434


October 2012


The name of the unincorporated community group is GoodLife Coonabarabran which is a Transition Coonabarabran initiative.


a)      Establish a co-operative food purchasing and distribution arrangement.

b)      Promote sustainability with a focus on the local community of Coonabarabran and district.

Not-for-profit Status

GoodLife Coonabarabran is a not-for-profit community group and members are not entitled to any distribution of income or assets. All income and assets shall be applied to further the objectives.


a)      A person who supports the objectives may apply to become a member.

b)      Annual membership fee shall be $25 per household or as varied at a general meeting.

c)      The committee shall keep a register of members.

d)     A member may be expelled or suspended for disruptive conduct by a decision at a general meeting for which notice incudes notice of such a motion.


a)      The members shall elect a committee at each annual general meeting.

b)      The committee shall represent the diversity of the members.

c)      The committee shall manage the affairs of the group, including approval of membership applications, banking, bookkeeping, custody of books and records, and member access to books and records.

d)     The committee shall strive for consensus in the making of all decisions. If consensus is not possible, a 75% majority is required to make a decision.

e)      The committee may elect such office-bearers as it sees fit.

General meetings of members

a)      An annual general meeting shall be held each year between August and October.

b)      Other general meetings shall be held when called by the committee or when requested by any 3 members.

c)      Members shall strive for consensus in the making of all decisions at general meetings. If consensus is not possible, a 75% majority is required to make a decision.

d)     There shall be no proxy votes.

Winding Up

a)      The group may be wound up at a general meeting for which notice includes notice of the motion to wind up.

b)      Surplus property on winding up shall be transferred to a not-for-profit community group with broadly similar or complementary objects.

Financial year

The financial year shall end on 30th June.

Change of name, objectives and constitution

The members may change the name, the objectives or other parts of this constitution at a general meeting for which notice incudes description of the proposed change.

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Greetings All
Here are the meeting notes for our last meeting on Saturday, October 27th.
Present at the meeting were – Radha, Sam, Cas & Peter R.
The meeting commenced at approximately 11.15am.
We began with a quick go-round.
Some discussion points which came up as a result of the go-round were as follows-


We briefly discussed whether these two were actually one and the same or separate.

Decision –

There was agreement that these two each have their own role and identity as follows –


It was also discussed that the original spelling of GoodLife Coonabarabran was with a captial ‘G’ and a capital ‘L’. In some correspondence and official documents, the capital ‘L’ has been left out.

Decision –

The spelling should include the capital ‘G’ and capital ‘L’ = GoodLife
Some official material has already been submitted without the capital ‘L’ so we will just leave that be for now, but for any future correspondence or material, please include both capitals.


We discussed how often we should continue with the meetings and whether we should have separate meetings for Transition and GoodLife.

Decision –

Meetings to be held once a month on Market Day – we agreed that whichever day Market Day falls on is the day of our meeting. Market Day is usually the 4th Sunday of the month but sometimes it can be different. It is usually advertised in the local paper and on the Warrumbungle Shire Council website or anyone who wishes to can send out a friendly reminder to the group.

The meeting will take place in the GoodLife Building – 26 Timor St.

The monthly meeting will be from 11am to approximately 1pm.

The monthly meeting will include time for a Transition Coonabarabran meeting (if anyone wishes to bring up any new ideas for getting Transition out into the wider community or to propose any new initiatives, they should bring it up at this meeting).

The monthly meeting will also include time for a GoodLife Coonabarabran meeting (for discussion of all related ideas, projects, etc).

The monthly meeting will also include time for socialising and sharing, swapping and selling of produce.

Please bring a plate of nibblies or food to share at the meeting as well as beverages (byo thermos, etc).

It was also discussed that perhaps the monthly meeting could evolve into fortnightly meetings if there is enough interest in that or there is also the possibility to call an extra meeting if anyone feels the need.


There was brief discussion about the use of GoodLife membership money as one member expressed confusion about what it is for. There was overall agreement that this money would be needed to purchase necessary tools and equipment to be used for GoodLife Coonabarabran as it grows. For instance, to possibly purchase storage bins, packing tables & equipment and weighing scales.


We discussed the ways in which we could go about the ordering process.

Decision –

To just stick with ordering from Demeter for the initial order and then maybe include some other suppliers as we go.

To appoint an Order Coordinator – Peter R. agreed to fulfill this role for the time being.

The method for ordering is as follows:

  • Fill out Demeter order form (this was sent out by Joy as an email attachment about a week ago – or otherwise email me and I can send it to you). You can fill it out electronically and just email it or otherwise, just write your order in an email and send it to Peter R.
  • Peter will compile the individual orders into a single bulk order for Demeter.
  • Freight costs will be equally divided between number of orders.
  • There will be a 10% charge added to each order which is dedicated to GoodLife Coonabarabran to be used as necessary.
  • Peter will email you to confirm cost, including freight & 10% charge, and to      let you know that you can now deposit the payment into the GoodLife bank    account for electronic transfer of funds to Demeter.
  • Delivery of goods still to be worked out. Perhaps the goods could be delivered to the GoodLife building, with Joy & John at Circle Secondhand/Kitchen Concepts as the contact point? We still need to work this out.
  • Once the delivery date is confirmed, an email will be sent out to those who      have goods to collect to let them know when they can be collected.
  • First order deadline is November 10th – you need to get your order to Peter by this date.
  • Orders with Demeter will be every 3 months at this stage, or unless someone  wishes to call for one sooner.


We agreed that it would also be good to explore local options for produce and that when we do begin to do this, it is important that the goods fit in with the quality requirements of GoodLife Coonabarabran such as being organic if possible or minimal chemicals used and at the very least transparency of the growing and processing procedures so each member can make their own informed decision.


We went through the GoodLife Coonabarabran Constitution together and made a few minor changes as follows:

Name – The name of the unincorporated community group is GoodLife Coonabarabran which is a Transition Coonabarabran initiative.

Objects – Wherever the word ‘objects’ occurs, we changed it to ‘objectives’ instead.

Membership – (b) Annual membership fee shall be $25 per household or as varied at a general meeting.

That was it! Please see the changed Constitution attached (we kept it to one page 🙂

Meeting completed at approximately 12.45pm

Love, Radha

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