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Hello everyone, 

Here is a brief summary of the last two meetings of the Transition group’s Goodlife Coonabarabran. Sorry for being tardy.
Meeting: 12 noon to 1.30 pm, Sunday 26th August 2012 at 26 Timor St, Coonabarabran: Sam, Pete R, Kim, Joy, John, Peter T, Laura.
Talked about containers, membership fee, bank account, opportunity buying and selling, insurance, managing money.
Decision (Agreed by consensus): Membership joining fee per person to be $25. Annual membership fee to be $10.
Decision (Agreed by consensus): We will open a community group bank account at New England Credit Union (Orana Mutual), Coonabarabran. Account name to be Goodlife Coonabarabran with ABN 72 418 425 434. Three people, Kim O., Peter R. and Joy O., are authorised as signatories with any one signatory able to sign documents, operate the account and do internet banking. Kim O is appointed as Treasurer of Goodlife Coonabarabran.
Proposed that any member who purchases bulk items at their own initiative and uses the venue to sell these shall split any margin 50/50 with Goodlife Coonabarabran. If members bring and sell home produce such as fruit and vegetables, we will deem there to be no margin so no payment to Goodlife required. Only members can sell and the seller looks after the goods and the money. Our quality standards apply to all goods sold – this means thinking about: organic / chemical-free, food miles, fair trade, meeting our needs, low demand on the group, simplicity, supporting local producers.
Joy will follow up on insurance.
Discussion about some people who may wish to contribute more money than membership fees. These ‘enablers’ would have no guarantee of getting their money back. We will try to do without this arrangement. One way for individuals to boost the group would be for them to take on the risk to buy more goods and sell them at Goodlife as outlined above. This can be an indirect form of sponsorship.
Decision (Agreed by consensus): The focus will be on pre-paid orders, picked up at Goodlife at a set time of opening. We will initially open once per fortnight on Saturday morning. Goodlife may also be used for exchange and selling of goods (purchased by members) that meet our standards.
Joy has drafted an initial list of possible bulk by items, incorporating lists from Radha and Cas. We need a simple stock-taking system and simple order form. We need to do a dummy order from members to test our ordering system and identify all the tasks to make it work. We need to firm up the various suppliers and their prices.
Action: Pete R will do a draft order form and suppliers spreadsheet. Joy, Kim, Laura, Sam and Peter T will get more information on prices and suppliers. We will test this out our ordering system in early October.
Working bee – painting the Goodlife room at 26 Timor St will be 1 pm Sunday 2nd September [this was called off].
Next meeting: (2nd Saturday in the month) 11 am Saturday 8th September 2012 at 26 Timor Street.
NOTE: A slightly more formal set of minutes is attached for Kim and others to take to the bank.
Meeting: 11 am to 12.30 pm, Saturday 8th September 2012 at 26 Timor St, Coonabarabran: Laura, Joy, John, Meg, Peter T.
Joy reports on her investigations about prices and suppliers. For some items there is little discount for buying in bulk. There are many possible items and many suppliers. Especially while starting off we need to keep it fairly simple.
Discussion about the benefits of membership including supporting sustainablity and better agricultural practices. Confirmed $25 membership joining fee. Consider a $1 one-off daily membership fee to allow casual buying of members goods. We need to decide later on about how to arrange for local producers to sell goods at Goodlife.
Decision (Agreed by consensus): We will ask members and firm up a short list of about 6 items that can be purchased in bulk with good quality and for a good price advantage (examples might be oats, lentils, quinoa, spelt flour, rice, almonds). We will do our first orders for a limited range of items that are most in demand and give a good bulk buying advantage. Members will pay when we order. We will also allow members to sell what they opportunity-buy in bulk (eg organic tamari) and we will also explore supporting local producers.
Decision (Agreed by consensus): Only members can buy and/or sell so as to limit our insurance issues.
Action: Peter T to look into an exemption from lodging a tax return.
Action: Joy to talk with Brett about ways that Goodlife might support his plans to produce chemical-free food.
Action: We will ask members to nominate their ‘top 6’ staple dry goods to consider for bulk purchasing.
Working bee – painting the Goodlife room at 26 Timor St will be 10 am Saturday 15th September.
Next meeting: (4th Sunday in the month) [at the working bee on 15th Sept this was set for 2 pm on Sunday 23rd September 2012 at 26 Timor Street].
Peter T.

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