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Hi All,

The Sunday 22nd July Meeting was held in the Cardians Courtyard.

Started at 11.15am

Present were Peter R, Ken & Sam, John & Joy, Di and Amanda.

Firstly, Ken advised that in the last meeting notes his offer of a ‘ride to Dubbo’ should have read a ‘ride to Gunnedah’. The note taker responsible was suitably embarrassed and apologetic.

Then began discussions around the co-op details – fees, membership and ABN. Radha’s email was considered, and her suggestion of no additional discount for volunteers at the co-op was agreed. Also agreed was Radha’s suggestion of $25 joining fee and $11 membership (The $25 to include the first year’s membership).

John & Joy offered to pay for the paint for the co-op – “since it will be stuck to our walls”. Peter R and Radha asked that it be at least low VOC if not natural/organic paint, and that the group would cover the difference in cost if it was a problem. Agreed. Volunteers to bring brushes and/or roller/trays.

Joy suggested that the Public Liability which covers all their properties (e.g. the proposed co-op building) may apply if a token rent ($1) was paid by the co-op to use the building. She will check with her Insurers, and also enquire about the cost of separate Liability Insurance if that is not the case.

After considering Peter T’s email it was agreed to proceed with the group as an unincorporated entity with a non-legal constitution, and go ahead and obtain an ABN. Joy will follow up.

We need to agree on a name for our group for the ABN application. ‘Transition Coonabarabran’ was passed over today in favour of Ken & Sam’s suggestion of ‘Good Life Coonabarabran’ which they felt had good connotations – was more descriptive of the overall objective. Peter R then proposed to add underneath the words ‘A Transition Town Initiative’, so that we have something like

Good Life Coonabarabran

A Transition Town Initiative.

as a name for our group. It was also proposed that the Chicken Coop name be dropped and the co-op shop be called ‘Good Life Coonabarabran’. Any further suggestions regarding these proposals should be emailed to the group quickly so that a final decision can be reached.

And any ideas for a logo are invited.

Next Meeting will be held at the co-op shop site (at 26 Timor St, basically opposite Circle Secondhand) on Sunday 29th July at 2pm, to finalise the the details for the working bee on the 11th August.

Meeting closed 12.20pm.

Those present then adjourned to inspect the building we will be using for our unofficial unincorporated Co-op.

Peter R.


Hi Peter

After reading your email, I felt a little uncomfortable with your interpretation of some of the things we discussed today.

For example your comments that; ‘Transition Coonabarabran’ was passed over today in favour of Ken & Sam’s suggestion of ‘Good Life Coonabarabran’ which they felt had good connotations – was more descriptive of the overall objective’, does not entirely fit with my recollection of this discussion.

When Samantha made this suggestion, it was John who brought it too the attention of those present and it appeared to be well received. I was not particularly fussed either way, but did comment that positive descriptors that allude to flourishing and sustainable communities, would be beneficial.

The last thing Sam and I would want is to be seen to be trying to force our views/opinions on others.

I think it is also important to point out that those present discussed the need to have more funds available for setup costs than is likely to be available through the joining fee. Therefore it was proposed that those so inclined, could be ‘enablers’, providing, within their means and inclination, extra funds to ensure the ‘project’ has the stuff it needs to commence operation.
I think it was suggested that ‘enablers’ could be reimbursed over time from any ‘profits’ made by the ‘Coop’




Hi All,

I’ve had further helpful feedback about my last meeting notes, this time from Joy. It seems that Ken and Sam and not Joy are going to have a look at coming up with a contract and rules regarding membership so that we could meet the requirements for the ABN.

And as in Ken’s email below, I didn’t mention that we are looking for extra start up capital from “enablers” (ie those who can afford to put in extra money to get things up and running). It should be pointed out that, in the event of the co-op not continuing, this money may not be recovered but that the plan would be to pay this extra money back from the small profits generated by sales.

I’m beginning to get the feeling that I was at a different meeting to everyone else – some sort of alternate reality.

More likely it would seem I’m not so good at listening to and participating in the current discussion, while simultaneously writing down accurate notes about the previous discussion.

Perhaps the best news for everyone is that note taking at our meeting is meant to proceed on a rotational basis amongst the members, and so I won’t be bringing my pencil and paper to any meetings for the immediate future.

Peter R.


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Meeting started at 11.15am, at the Jolli Cauli.

Present were Peter R., John & Joy D., Sam & Ken B., Karen & her dad John P.

John P started the ball rolling with a discussion around the possibility of enlisting the Council’s help in collecting firewood from Council open spaces – this firewood then being supplied to those who are unable to source it for themselves.

Next, Cas (in absentee) presented her list of bulk goods, with quantities, which she orders on a regular basis. After some discussion, Joy suggested everyone email their lists, as a start to understanding what quantities the proposed Chicken Coop would be dealing with. Peter R volunteered to assemble these lists, as they arrive, into a master list.

This lead into a discussion about the need of an ABN – Yes/No? And then a talk about Liability Insurance for the proposed Chicken Coop store/shop.

And how to handle the finances of the Coop. Peter R suggested maybe just a cash tin to start with, and reimbursing anyone who would offer to use their credit card to pay our suppliers when ordering was necessary. Joy suggested a talk with the Credit Union re a cheque account/banking, and offered to talk with them in this regard.

John D then indicated that the Chicken Coop proposed store/shed should be available early August to begin any work necessary to get it into shape.

Then followed more discussion on the Chicken Coop, concerning membership fees. John D suggested a $50 membership, pointing out that one can of paint needed for the storage/shop renovation would cost $50, besides the storage bins and other bits and pieces that will surely be needed. And so a decent amount of membership/donation/loan money will be required to get the show up and running.

Karen talked about remembering the groups core values – regarding the Chicken Coop, to provide quality goods and products.

Some points for further discussion and resolution:

1. Volunteers who work at the Coop on the days it is open would get some sort of incentive – perhaps a more generous discount on the day for any purchases.

2. Coop needs to add a small margin to goods it supplies to cover its ongoing costs.

3. Members buy from the Coop at a better price than non-members.

4. Liability Insurance – can we be covered under some other group/organisation/Council ?

Ken B advised that he goes to Dubbo every week and can offer a lift.

Next meeting to be at Cardians at 11am on Sunday 29th July.

Meeting closed at 12.20pm       Peter R

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