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Greetings All

Transition Coonabarabran is now an official Muller Initiative!

According to the Transition Network website, as of May 1st, 2o12 there are 420 Official Initiatives and 545 Muller Inititatives in over 34 countries. If you would like to see the current details for our Transition Coonabarabran Initiative, here is the link – http://www.transitionnetwork.org/initiatives/coonabarabran

There have been 7 Transition Coonabarabran meetings so far – the first being held on March 23rd and the last was held on May 18th. We have had various numbers of participation at each meeting, from 8 people to 3 people. As of yet, there is no official core group, however this is expected to be settled within the next few weeks.

During these meetings we have explored our general thoughts and feelings around Transition, getting to know each other better, communication, transport, creating sub-committees, creating a local skills register and a local products register, workshops, publicity (or not), sharing information, integrating with and raising awareness of other groups within the community, meeting structure and methods for keeping others ‘in-the-loop’, area of focus – local community or wider region, deciding on a project to work on, the possibility beginning a food co-op, previous experience with a food co-op in Coonabarabran, various co-op methods, ways to encourage healthy eating within the general community, shared market stall for selling produce, a bulk buying group, getting clear about our collective vision, CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and an Energy Exchange System such as LETS….

As a result of this initial exploration phase of Transition Coonabarabran, we have zeroed in on a few points of focus. These are:

  1. Creating a Vision Statement which encapsulates ‘what do we want to see’ and ‘how do we get there’. Eg: We wish to create a thriving, resilient community that people feel a part of. We create this by drawing on the strengths and skills present in the community.
  2. Creating a Skills Register which we can build on and distribute among the Transition Network/Vine. This involves creating a list of ‘Skills I Have’ and a list of ‘Skills I Want’ This enables us to draw on the wisdom and skills already existing within our local community, as well as finding out what people are interested to learn and which skills they would like to build.  
  3. Food Co-Operative/CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)/Bulk Buying group – working on this as our first project.

If you are coming to the meetings, these topics are the general focus for the time being.

If you are not able to make it to the meeting/s, you can still participate by:

  • Following this blog.
  • Registering to become a Contributor of this blog (so you can participate by posting your thoughts,  relevant articles, notices, announcements and information)
  • Helping us to define the Transition Vision for Coonabarabran (what is the future you would like to see & what steps do you think we could take to get there).
  • Fill out the Local Skills & Products Register.
  • Think about if/how you would like to be involved with the Food Co-Op/CSA/Buying Group project – eg: are you interested to participate? Do you know of others who are growing local (preferably organic) food whom we could contact? What sort of foods would you like to purchase?
  • Let others know about this emerging Transition Coonabarabran Network/Grapevine.

The next meeting will be from 6.30pm to 8pm on Friday, May 25th. This may be our last scheduled meeting for the time being but if you wish to be kept ‘in the loop’ so to speak, so you know when future meetings are held, then please subscribe to this blog.

Thank you.

Radha (on behalf of Transition Coonabarabran)


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